Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Fuck off and save Garda Gerry McCabes wife. You twisted fuck.


Going to a long week waiting for Sunday to come around.



Good to see him back after protecting our country in the Lebanon




He’ll be in great shape after spending all that time in the Gym.


Is row V in the Mackey very high up near the back or low down near the front??


It’s in the middle


Team: N. Quaid, S.Finn, S.Hickey, R.English, D.Brynes, D. Hannon, D. Morrissey, P.Browne, C. Lynch, T. Morrissey, K. Hayes, G. Hegarty, A. Gillane, S. Flanagan, G. Mulchahy.


Is that what trained in the gaelic grounds yesterday?


An epic week of opinion, bluster, abuse, optimism and raw aggression awaits us in this thread.

God forbid if any sensible selections/opinions are aired - it would just ruin the buzz.

God luck to both teams btw, in the aftermath of yesterday I hope they all come home safe.


Can you imagine what we would be like if we were going to the big apple to play NY ??


What’s the highest the rows go to? I see AA (aptly) coming up for me there. Is there a ZZ Top?


After numerous false starts you’ve finally got it right.


Row V is generally good unless you’re stuck beside a pole.

What section?


Around the middle, 109



You should be ok there. You’re around the 45 on the Clare End side of halfway.


Wrong thread


Would there be many Poles at hurling matches in Limerick? I didn’t think they’d go for it.