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They’ll give it everything they have, but it’s a long shot. We gave them a rattle last year, so maybe… but we weren’t great in the League.


Nothing in it last year. Not sure we have improved

Limerick Championship 15 v Tipperary 20/05/18

A centimetre of rain forecast for sunday morning



Is the grass long enough for us to hide in it?


No. The footballers will trample it on saturday night.


I’d been monitoring the weather situation and elected to go for a Mackey Stand ticket. Think it’ll be my first time there for a championship game since one of those Niall Moran exhibitions against Laois or Latvia or some other hapless shower back in 2012. At least I’ll get to enjoy my half-time piss in freshly-painted bliss.



I hate cunts who baffle on.


Corofin had no starter on Galway football team last Sunday .

Just saying like .


Fuckin ape



Ah, that is just brilliant. Kudos to the new board on finding a neat solution to the PRO issue.


@LiamAherne, if you need any help with GDPR or DRPK or whatever it’s called, the TFK IT Guild is here to help.


What controls have the GAA put in place to protect the personal data of players? In particular underage players?

Surely handing a team sheet of names and date of births to the referee is a thing of the past now?


Who puts DOB on a team sheet?

Name in Irish & english on a pre-printed A4 page and write in the jersey number is what we see teams doing.


Surely the tick box on the membership form sorts that. The club can store and use your data for the purposes of the association.


Underage? Just names and membership numbers on our adult teamsheets now anyway.


Some clubs do, the Serva output will give you DOB etc. Obviously they shouldn’t put it on the team sheets mind you, in the current GDPR savvy world.



Someone ask the DG what the GAA approach to GDPR is for the Serva info


Yip, I see a lot of clubs doing this underage. Just print off that export from ServaSport and use it as the teamsheet for the year.