Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Build up was awfully stale with the team being known from a long way out. Good that there may be changes to promote discussion. I’m going to hazard a guess that Nicky is moving to centre back and Byrnes is going to be put in goals in the hope that he won’t be able to hit it wide from there.


It would be good in terms of the development of this team to see them win one match comfortably in the Munster round robin. I think that is the next step in terms of progress. While we have traditionally have the reputation of “hard to beat” we do ultimately get beaten (sometimes quite badly) or just about squeeze through with a one point win. We need if we are to kick on to beat a stronger team while pulling up but don’t know if we have reached that level yet. The fear of taking another licking still remains


When was the last time? If you don’t count Wexford 2014, it’s probably the 2013 Munster final, is it?


As things stand we are 5th favourite to win Munster . We are after 3 poor years but had a good league campaign where we easily beat the teams supposedly below us , beat the All Ireland winners and were very competitive in the knock out stages . We also have Na P lads coming back .

I genuinely haven’t a clue how things will go but I am convinced the team is improving .

Let’s see .


I don’t think it’s unfair to say it’ll be bitterly disappointing if we don’t finish in the top three in munster. I’d say management and pLayers included will call that a shockig year if we don’t.



How do you see the 4 Lk games result wise ??


I think the whole season revolves around beating tipp on Sunday. Dublin proved last Sunday if our going to catch these teams; it’s early on. If we win Sunday I think we’ll qualify easily. Lose and your heading down to cork for a massive game with a lot of pressure on.


I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Lose the first game to tipp, which they have to be good favourites for and life will be difficult. Cork and Waterford are unknown quantities, if they are as good or better than they were last year we will do well to beat either. We drew with Clare towards the end of the league, I don’t know why we would presume to beat them away. There is usually a jump in form between league and championship for most teams. We played a very consistent team all during the league and performed strongly, my worry is that the other four have more obvious scope for improvement than we do.


I’ve subconsciously written off this Sunday - thankfully the management and players feel very differently.

The Cork game is the big one I think. We have to pick up two points from the first two games. Lose the first two and it’s difficult to see us winning the last two and sneaking through.

We have a bit of an advantage over Cork for that game on the June bank holiday. They’ve to play Tipp in Thurles six days before while we will be coming in off the back of a two week break. Very possible that both teams will still be pointless at that stage.

Beat Cork and it sets us up for a home game against Waterford, a side we don’t have any real historical baggage with even though they have been much better than us over the last couple of years.


Clare started a lot less players than we did during the League, even if that was at a higher level. Cork mixed it around a little, but still, the only players of their expected starting team who didn’t play at least 4 out of the 5 group games were Nash (who was with Kanturk), Coleman & Fitzgibbon (who were both carrying injuries.

We were obviously at a lower level so had a bit more chance to try things and although it might seem like we played the same team the whole time- Barry O’Connell got 3 starts, David Reidy got 3, Malachy got 2, Richie Mac got 2, Condon got 2, DOD got 2; none of whom are expected to start.

I don’t think any team showed their full hand in the League, including us. Personnel-wise, maybe but every single team will take it up a couple of notches for Championship. I would expect our improvement to be at least as noticeable as those teams.


As long as we don’t get a flat performance. I don’t expect it to perfect, but I do expect high intensity, high work rate, lots of tackling, forwards taking on their men. Luckily, that seems to be the basis of our gameplan for the year so I don’t think flatness will be an issue this year- it has been for the past 3 for the most part.

Obviously I would be hugely, hugely disappointed if we don’t win on Sunday and I do expect us to win. But if we perform, we should still have enough to beat at least 2 of the other 3 and progress even if we were to lose first day out.


I hope so. I’m sure our first team performance will go up by quite as much, but we will have serious impact from the bench, which is something we haven’t had yet and which counts for a lot.

This is the thing that rattles this tipp team. We will never win an open shootout with tipp but when limerick continue to tear into them for every ball they start to doubt and wonder when the fuck we will go away.


Are you saying we shouldn’t fear them?


When have we ever?


I’d go along with this, the Cork game is key. It will be a tall order for any team to win all games in the group. We will throw the kitchen sink at Tipp and may well prevail, but Tipp are genuine AI contenders and most people’s guaranteed qualifier from Munster.

Cork, on the other hand, would be seen as on a similar level to us. Over the last few years I would go out against Cork every day and expect us to beat them. The match being in Cork doesn’t carry any baggage as we have a decent enough record there in the last 25 years or so.


Fucking hell this week is dragging. Longer it goes on the more optimistic I’m getting though.

Our bench on Sunday has probably never been stronger on paper, certainly in recent memory.

Limerick by 3.


We haven’t enough scores in the half forward line if he lines out like league, Hayes isn’t a forward, Morrissey God love him wouldn’t hit the ground with a stone. Hego hits too many wides. Puts huge pressure on inside line and getting goals. I’d say we’ll need at least 3


One each for Flanagan, Gillane and Mulcahy would do.

Hayes was also arguably our main goal threat last year in the two games we got in the championship. Got a lovely one against Clare.


How many scores do you think they need to get?

I would say all of them are good for a couple of scores; and at least 2 of them are likely to be replaced in the last 15-20 mins.


Hayes is class. Not a natural forward though, in my opinion. If Maher is selected centre back he should stop the cunt lording it at least. There are goals inside alright. Need massive workrate from 8,9,10 & 12. And timber the fuck out of them at the back.