Limerick GAA - the drive for 15

I’m hearing we are pulling out of that munster league thing in January. Rumours they are going on a team holiday to the sandy lane in early January probably the reason. Well deserved obviously. Will we have many lads involved in that bloody firzgibbon cup?

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It seems that way alright. :see_no_evil:

Hats, scarves and headbands!


Hopefully that’ll be selling a proper framed team/panel photo too.

Galway had them last year at about €200 a pop.

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Ah yeah I’d say every county does them
Tipp always do them after all Ireland wins . Usually pubs and the like that buy them

What the actual fuck? Private groups? :grin:

I’m a massive critic of the county board but they’ve handled the cup very well. Seems to have hit most areas already which is great to see.

They’re going in November

That’s to Boston for the super 8s

Up in Granagh tonight.

Coming to the other side of the parish on Sunday fortnight.

It’s unreal what winning has done for the county. Most of the flags still up, young and old all want to get their hands on the cup for the photo, just a general feel good factor around.

Christmas will be great too with all the All-Ireland related presents.

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Being incorporated into it via New York

Interesting that’ll mean probably a lot of the panel won’t be available.

There was no way all of the panel would be able to go whenever it was. They’ll get vouchers I’m told!

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Bit of a sickner. I’ve a pal who was over there last week. It genuinely looks like paradise.


I don’t think Sandy lane would be their scene. I’m sure JP would get them sorted somewhere more exciting.

Paradise is paradise.

November is a good idea they will be fully focused come January then

You can be sure the boy would rather be ripping it up in Cancun than surrounded by 70 year old yanks

It’s tough on some of panel are still involved in club championship. I wonder why we are pulling out of that munster league.