Limerick GAA - the drive for five


I was at the game. Barry o conmell was fullback id say on shane Bennett. He done the divil that night.


Waterford win relatively few games in Walsh Park.


What a year to be a season ticket holder.


23 years to the very day since the last Munster championship game there.


bennet got a hat trick and was only 16 I think.

We had a poor enough team looking back at it but there was a lot expected of them at the time. Huge hype around the Dow even then


That was a great atmosphere. They let 17,000 in to that.


Was Stephen rather than Shane though.

Considering how we had done in minor between 2005 and then, it was a good team. 4 or 5 All-Ireland medallists from it isn’t the worst.

We had bate Cork in the semi which was where the hype was coming from, I suppose. Mike Fitz & Kevin O’Brien would have been on it too. Dan Morrissey should have been full-back and BOC centre-back or midfield.


I dont ever remember hype about dowling. I remember hannon being the talk of the county for a few years alright. The only lad since shaughs there was real hype about.


Laois drew with Carlow in Dr Cullen



There was loads of hype for Dowling. Won the feile skills and played harty at 15


The Dow walked all over Cork that year at minor in the Gaelic Grounds before we played Waterford.


I guess i saw him play a fair bit. Where as hannon i dont ever remember playing against or seeing him play. I remember the dow playing centre back and hannon centre forward for ard scoil ris.


Did not play in cork that year? I remember they played cork two years in a row. 2011 and 2012. Lost to waterford after extra time and clare in extra time.


As well


There was a cracking harty final in the gaelic grounds when tony kelly took them on.

Cian lynch and ronan lynch had the hype as well.


I guess it’s different now with twitter and so much online coverage.


Cathal O’Neill is the current underage prodigy.


Are you high?


There’s as many of them that don’t make it as do.

Magner Flynn was supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread 4 years ago.