Limerick GAA - the drive for five


Aye. Theyve learned a lot


They must be on here day and night picking up tips


Your man Finn, is he related Sean? I know his head, he went to Mary I.


Brian is Sean’s brother


FFS they nearly all went to mary I. They are all teachers


As directed by kiely.


Good few secondary in there


Yeah. I heard John Kiely is behind the selection.


As Esso said, his older brother.

Fine hurler too, has an U-21 All-Ireland medal from 2015, centre-back for Bruff.


At least one, if not two, non-teachers in that squad. John Fitzgibbon works for AIB and I’m fairly sure that Tommy Quaid is an engineer.


Think Tobin is or was in car sales.


Paul O’Brien and Dylan O’Shea are both exceptional talents. They’ll both need to be on top of their game if the Limerick U20’s are to have any chance of defeating Cork in July.


He sold a car to the missus in recent years anyway


Frank Hogan’s.


Another tainted title for Limerick.

If it’s not financial doping, it’s pretend teachers.


Winners find a way


Under article 3.5 of the inter-firm gaelic games by-laws, this clearly states that teams can avail of up to 4 players from outside their firm.

All perfectly legal.

The inter-pubs have the same law and you can avail of up to 5 lads who dont drink in the pub you represent.




He was alright, but went back a retrained as a primary teacher a few years ago. Think he’s out in Killinure NS,


That’s not quite what happened, he played half a game at centre back out of necessity. He was centre forward, Hannon was centre back. Neither were in the game whatsoever in the first half and Kierans well on top. they switched them around in the second half as opposed to Dowling starting at centre back