Limerick GAA - the drive for five


We did and in typical Limerick GAA fashion it didn’t take us long to be brought back down to earth - Tipperary’s Ryan O’Dwyer ran amok for Dublin against us in Thurles in the quarter final the very next day.

That was depressing enough to be knocked out but then we promptly drew Kerry in the football quarter final that night too. I was sour as fuck on the train home that night.


I’m glad I was drunk for it


No idea tbh. Would the competing teams not get a % cut, and the host venue get a % also?


Ah here


Wha ?


Im just saying that it makes no sense to televise it.


I’m guessing they had next Saturday night allocated for a hurling quarter final slot at 7pm. With another one or two live the next day.

Luckily for them the All-Ireland champions quarter final is the only one still going ahead next weekend so their viewing figures should still hold up.


Actually is tv coverage even confirmed for next Saturday?

Just looking there and Cork - Tipp is live with Wexford - Kilkenny and Waterford - Galway deferred.

Nothing about the match in O’Moore Park the night before.


I can’t imagine huge viewing figures for this , even in Lk to be honest .


The limerick laydur says so .


Tá sé foilsithe ar shuíomh idirlíon TG4 ar aon nós


Go raibh maith agat.


Fáilte romhat.

Great to see a full weekend of hurling there after the sheer depression of this weekend’s offering.


About 20 articles written about how there is now ‘bite’ in the Limerick-Clare rivalry again because they have literally fuck all else to write about :grin:


“These are two counties that don’t like losing to each other”

Ah yeah go on, pull the other one!


I dont think Limerick fans are as bothered as Clare fans are … the difference is they know that we’ve seen their women folk’s fannies inside Limerick and we will see their daughter’s fanny and their grand daughter’s fanny in time. It drives them gaga and who can blame em. They need a maternity back out in Ennis for their own sanity.


Are you let near the Maternity with that carry-on? Can the poor women not have their children in peace without you wanting to look at their fannies?


Big screen job in the GGs.


I suppose if the concert didn’t make any money that’s the obvious next step


Look it, you Clare lads can come into Limerick Delis and not be bothered. Can you say the same if it was the other way around?