Limerick GAA - the drive for five




They are lazy fuckers. Three weeks ago it was the strength of our panel.


The “rivalry “ is harmless compared to the 90s .


Jesus but you had some tough, wild, demented men in those two sides during the mid 90’s.

Says it all that Davy Fitz probably wouldn’t even make a top five of lunatics out of both teams combined at the time.


I laughed out loud for a few seconds at that :smile:


Thats galling. Not many lads in there would have done what EOD did for Limerick GAA. Poor form. Il say no more about it now Il only aggravate myself


Limerick folk are v bad to support in general. The concert went the way of many other events trying to bring a bit of business into the place


The last thing we want is for you to be aggravated.


Some achievment from willie o meara to be on that panel considering the level he came from. I hope he gets a start v laois and in a semi final.


He cut his teeth in the toughest championship of all and deserves a shot now.



For fuck sake what went on in Ennis would be considered tame in the West Junior A Hurling Championship :rollseyes:


Possibly could have spread the game time I the league a bit more alright. Can’t argue with results so far though.


Last year we used thirty players over seven league games and the Na Piarsaigh boys were not used at all. In each game 11-12 of the ultimate AI winning team were used. You can argue that it is easier to rotate in IB because the competition is not as strong. We probably had more playing Fitzgibbon last year.


Ah yeah we did, and we’d a lot more involved all the way to the final too with UL.

ALTC, Darragh Fanning, O’Reilly, Barry O’Connell, Mala & POL all played above in Antrim. Only 19 togged.



Lump on the timber merchants .


The Sow pussies out



@backinatracksuit will be livid - No mention of his principal there. He has been seriously blackguarded.


A nice nod to Big Joe Mc all the same.