Limerick GAA - The Greatest Champions


No shop in Mick Neville Park?


What’s the story with his injury? He’s an awful loss to them alright.


Not even a stand


Broken bone in his foot.


An absolute cunt of a spot to watch a match. No stand, no shelter, no shop.


Fine halting site next door though.


And tonight not a fully functional scoreboard.

They can’t build that stand there soon enough. A real soulless venue with everyone spread out around pitchside.


Have you ever been at a game there when a few of the ‘local’ young fellas call in?? :man_facepalming: They’ve the groundsmen’s hearts broken


Disgrace and what’s more we have an area of mercantile excellence a puck of a sliotar away


Big crowd out in Martinstown for Bruree vs Blackrock. Fairly cold by the final whistle. Bruree will be sick as dogs, they did all the hurling but threw it away. Again, just seemed to lack composure in the second half.

Ruairi O’Shaughnessy got an early goal after a goalkeeper mistake but Blackrock struggled for scores from play in the first half.

Kieran O’Dea at centre-forward was excellent again for Bruree, Ger O’Brien at centre-back and Kieran O’Rourke at full-back too. Paudie Leahy was the only one really for Blackrock. Dawson is lively but takes way too much out of the ball.

Second half, a goal for Bruree put them 6 up. Long ball into big man Jimmy O’Dea who turned and buried it. Blackrock were struggling and looked like Bruree would see it out.

They got a penalty which was a lifeline, Leahy buried it and then at almost full-time, they got a scuttery goal, think it was the substitute Sean Palmer who got the final touch. Bruree levelled it with a free, class from Kieran O’Dea again. Then O’Shaughnessy put Blackrock back in front before O’Dea got a tap over free.

Both sides missed chances to win it and looked like it would head for a draw but Johnny Murphy allowed it to play, and Kevin Palmer scored a nice point from out the field. He’s a fine hurler but had a poor night, but nailed the winner. Bruree desolate, Blackrock delighted despite not playing well. Richie Mac very animated up and down the touchline.

Entertaining fare, not always the highest quality but hard-fought.


Fitzgibbon is class. A very underrated player, was a real threat for the 21s in 2014 against Clare on a night when things didn’t go our way.


A night he didn’t score & was taken off into the second half?


How did my good friend Dave Moloney go?


He was our only fella winning ball, won a few frees too. He’s not the most natural scoretaker in the world, but he’s some man to run with the ball. There were plenty of other, higher profile, players who could have been taken off that night. KOB was our only other forward to do anything.


Poor enough first half tbh but stood up in the second when they needed him, was arguably their best player in that half. Got on a lot of ball.


Good to hear… He’s a top bloke.


Yeah to be honest, I actually don’t know much about the lad. Haven’t seen enough of him.


He isn’t young . What age now ??Decent hurler ok .


I’d say that was one of the first times I saw him, and I was impressed. I’ve seen him a lot in recent years and he’s definitely one of the best club players around. He always seems to perform.

I don’t know if he’d have the range of skills needed for intercounty hurling but he’s very effective, obviously has played intercounty football.

He’s not that tall but he’s so good in the air - no fear, great timing, super paw. Loves to turn and run at backs. Very quick, very direct, hard to stop. He can score but he doesn’t tend to throw over huge amounts of points. Runs at defences and will look for a player off the shoulder, or often gets fouled. I always like a player with goal on his mind.

Seems to be a very intelligent hurler too, I was watching him a bit recently and was very impressed with how he picks up space. Certain players get drawn towards the play, or even a whole wing will drift across if play is one side. What he does well is move into the space left behind on the back’s blindside and then call for the ball if his side win it. Seen him do this 3 or 4 times in a game- if it pays off, it’s deadly, it’s going to end in goals.


He was on the 2005 minor team iirc, so 31?

Brian Moloney was good this evening aswell.