Limerick GAA - The Greatest Champions


No but if you look back at the recent hurler of the year awards there was no way Graeme was going to win it. They pick these awards based on key moments not really who’s consistently good in all games. Basically the munster championship is irrelevant. He wasnt involved directly in the come backs v kk or cork. These are the bits the Gaa look out for these awards if there isn’t a high profile player to pick from a team like a joe canning. All in I think it should have been tom m. I can see why it’s cian lynch he’s our highest profile player and the Gaa love that.


Graeme Mulcahy should be at very worse nominated as HOTY . His performances were consistently brilliant all year and in the periods of games when we were struggling he scored consistently .

What’s more an awful lot of folk would have felt he was lucky to be on panel at the start of the year after a few bad years .


It is where my old man hurled before playing for Kilmallock when he came back from England. It is Blackrock due to one of the hills in Ardpatrick which takes the name.


That’s the Kilmallock humility in him.


Lads they wanted cian to win it so to give him every chance they put in two Galway lads against him. If it was cian and Graeme it would split the limerick vote. This is how these awards work.


Rud eile

Kyle Hayes was nominated for the u21 team of the championship . Séamus Flanagan wasn’t , ditto Peter Casey .

GAA awards are gas .


didn’t he get sent off in the only game he played?


Tbf that’s based upon U-21 performances and Casey didn’t play.


That’s picked only on 21 games. Kyle was good v Clare so got on the team.


Nah he was class against Clare. And even in the game where he got sent off, he had been one of our better players, although that wasn’t hard, we were awful.

But him and Ryan got it for their games against Clare.


Tom Morrissey could have been hooked after 20 minutes against Cork in the semi final he was that bad.

Mulcahy didn’t have that dip all summer. He has been consistently exceptional, from the first game to the All Ireland Final.


Exactly . Casey played v Tipp and was good .


I forgot all about that Clare game.


No he wouldn’t have been. He was actually ok in the first 30 minutes and got a vital point. Didn’t play well in the second have though. He won us the game v kk and was very good in the final. Was as consistent if not more than Graeme in the munster championship. Was actually decent v Clare when nobody played well.


Who are “they”?


This is it. Mulcahy had a very good year but I couldn’t say he lit up any game.


I lit up the Paric with my flares :grinning::grinning:


The gong is for “hurler of the year”. Not best individual performance in one game in a year .


he got 1-9 from play between the quarter, semi and final. Joe Canning got 0-10 from play between the two semis and the final.

*I think Mul was the highest scorer from play in the AI series.


Yes but as shown in the past few years it doesn’t really go to the best hurler. Jamie Barron was the best hurler last year.