Limerick GAA - The Greatest Champions


It’s all about opinions tbh . To be honest there was no hurler head and shoulders above the rest this year . Graeme imho the best overall all year .

To be honest there is no Tommy Walsh , Eoin Larkin , Brian Whelehan this year .


I just really hope diarmuid brynes gets an all star.


I think he’ll miss out. Hannon and Dan to get ones instead


have you him backed?


Nope not at all.


Mul should get hurler of the year because he threw a few shoulders into a young ladbelow in Cork???


To be honest that incident has been given a disproportionate importance . GM deserves it because of his scoring , bravery leadership and movement .


I’d have thought it would be more due to his immense work rate, scoring and assists. But if you want to give it to him for shouldering some lad down in Cork then that’s okay with me.




Cian Lynch is a deserving HOTY.

Graeme Mulcahy would be equally deserving.

Tom Morrissey was very good but not at the level of these two.

Byrnes should get an All Star ahead of Dan Morrissey in the half back line.

Thank you.


I’d have thought so as well, it’s a bizarre reason for somebody to throw into the mix.


I don’t think anybody suggested Mul should get hurler of the year because of a shoulder apart from you though.


I was replying to a post mate, I found it bizarre


I agree with all that, except the above. Dan did more than Byrnes for me.


You didn’t reply to any post though.


OK mate, hope it’s cleared up now


On watching a few games back I think brynes was better than Dan. Dan totally out performed peoples expectations so more were made of his performances.


Absolutely, you disagree strongly with the idea that Mul should get player of the year because of a shoulder in Cork, even though nobody suggested that.
In that vein, I want it it on the record that I don’t think Cian Lynch should get POTY on the basis of his bleached hair.


I’d give him hoty just for getting rid of the rats tail.