Limerick GAA - The Greatest Champions


That was a great game, first time I considered ye genuine contenders,
But I think you missed some of the comments here in regard to that clash of the little fellas


i think you are giving the comments too much thought.


Ha ha ha


You are one of the dumbest cunts on here and waste loads of peoples time pretending you don’t understand what they meant and this is exactly another example. Mul is a nippy corner forward. He gets on loose balls, throws it over the bar and works hard. He probably wasn’t even liemricks best corner forward this year that was Gillane. Hayes took over in the final. Gillane in the semi and tom m in the 1/4. Those are our three biggest games. He had impacts in those games but he didn’t take over them and bend them in limericks way. He helped but in none of our three biggest games did he come up with incredible moments that defined the game. Im not sure he was even nominated for man of the match in any of our knockout games. He was always on periphery playing well. He is a super lad and a very good hurler but he probably wasn’t even in the top 5 hurlers in the county. Hannon and tom m were our best players. The same limerick lads moaning Graeme isn’t hurler of the year are same ones that probably wanted him dropped off the panel 9 months ago. A bunch of animals by and large that are never happy even after winning an Ireland.


In a bizarre outbreak of hypocrisy, Mungret have taken the IFC points off Bruff in the boardroom.

These are the very lads that were attacking Na Piarsaigh for doing the same.


Limerick, it’s Limerick


And might I also add it would have brillaint for Graeme as he unlike a lot of the team went through the tough years. He made his debut in the year of the strike when the vast majority of the supporters abandoned the team. Unfortunately there is no fairytales in sport. Hopefully he has another great year next year.


Big difference between a kids blitz and adult games. Kids should be encouraged to play as often as they can.


There is no difference whatsoever. The “principle” is the same.


Graeme top scored in the AI Series, from play. For anyone.

But you didn’t “spot” him like you did with Flanagan. So you’d put him in a grave before give him his dues.

Not including Carlow


Mulcahy was simply better over the year than Gillane, Mulcahy will get an all star and Gillane won’t. Delighted for Mul, in the form of his life at this stage in his career. There’s no reason he won’t keep it up the next few seasons with the confidence it will have built.


I didn’t bring it up mate. It was a point made in all seriousness just a few hours ago about how he ‘laid down the Marker’ against Coleman, I’m happy that it wasn’t in reference to his block down.


Of course there is. Kids should be out as many evens as possible keeping fit and healthy. I don’t think they should be posting results of bord Na og games. It’s all keeping them interested and healthy. Not having to pick between a football tournament or a county final. It’s against the ethos of what the Gaa should be out at that age/level.


why didn’t they play the final the evening it was fixed so?


What are you on about spot Flanagan? Graeme had a great year nobody doubts that but he wasn’t the best hurler in the country. Get over it.


Fair enough.


Due to playing the previous two days in a row. I believe limerick county board at the start of year sent out a vast array of documentation about kids being burnt out at 12,13 and 14.


so they shouldn’t be out as many evening’s as possible then? Make up your mind, you absolute fucking mess of a man


No they should space the games out. They Played Sunday. Both teams could play on Tuesday evening. Nap decided they wanted to play only on Monday and gave no reason why they couldn’t play on Tuesday. Mungret decided in the interests of player welfare they didn’t want to play on Monday. So nap took the walkover. It’s very simple and it’s a shame but such is life.


Where are stats of championship scorers from play displayed? Mulcahy’s total while impressive doesn’t seem to be huge from 8 games.