Limerick GAA - The Greatest Champions




Im not seething at all. Iv been in Croke Park to see Cork win 6 all Irelands. Would be nice to see a few more but it wouldnt be the once in a lifetime novelty like ye are experiencing.


Whats up pal. Thats as much a fact as that Gillane would have won HOTY if hed buried a few of his chances.




A tipp man said that for fuck sake.


Sure mate, sure :+1:


What difference does that make?


Your stage 9 anyways. It would be nice if ye could enjoy the win a bit


If you can’t answer that for yourself there’s no hope for you


He would have but he didn’t. Mul is hoty


5 or 6 sausages on d go


Would have tied in nicely with the HOTY award being awarded to One Man Bands.
cc Ozzie Gleason & Joe Show


Darragh Fitzgibbon was ye’re best hurler this year. His only black mark was his premature gloating in Croke Park


You’re from tipp not sure Im allowed answer you :man_shrugging:


I thought Kearney was superb both days against us and in the Munster final.


1984 was Thurles or maybe you were there in 1978.


We have won a few footballs as well…lot of ‘new’ GAA fans all of a sudden


Football :laughing:


Ah ffs don’t mind football…


Now thats a clamping