Limerick GAA - The Greatest Champions


He was, he went off too in the SF


Your thoughts seem to make a complete cunt of you regularly.


Is this how it’s going to feel all winter?? The sheer enjoyment of lads driven demented by our win is beautiful :pint:


The tipp lad is getting edgier and edgier here the more he’s ignored.


It’s actually fascinating to watch :smile:


I’ll admit that I was like a demon for a good month after the final but I’m grand now, sure it’s only hurling. I’m almost back on speaking terms with herself too so it’s all good.


Their tears taste like sugar


Ah the Galway boys are A1, finest people in the country. I said that the day of the final. We’re not talking about ye at all, it’s our regular voyeurs we’re talking about mate.


Your giving his balls a right good gargling


Keep dancing mate, you’re making my night :pint:


Good grammar.


Not good grammar.


Aunt Balls Uncle


Jesus I jumped up off the couch and flaked the young fella after reading that! It’ll stand to him.



We win kid. We win


Happy to give that the tenth, enjoy the winter my friend


Champions of Ireland, we’ll do what we want. :pint:


The Limerick SFC group stages enter their final weekend.

Box office all over, as all games have meaning of some sort.

Adare v Senans.
Adare top the group regardless but Senans have to get something to be sure of going through. If Monaleen win and Senans lose it could be a three way tie on 5 with Ballylanders (if they get nothing) or Monaleen go through on head to head. Senans will need it more but Adare should have enough for them going on form, if they are up for it. They might be happy enough to see Monaleen out either.
Ballylanders vs NAP.
A point would see Ballylanders through to the quarters, NAP need a win to have any chance of staying out of relegation. Could very much depend on what kind of a team NAP turn up with, but you’d fancy Ballylanders.
Drom vs Monaleen.
Drom need something to be safe from relegation. Monaleen have to win to have any chance of progressing. Drom seem to have gone way back this year, but so do Monaleen. Monaleen should shade it, just.

On the other side you have
Kierans vs NCW
In a straight shootout to see who tops the group. NCW should come out on top here but should be a cracker (as in a tight dour hand passing slugfest).
Oola v Pats
Is almost a straight shootout for relegation. A draw will do Pats and they should have enough to sneak a win.
Ballysteen vs Caseys in an almost straight shootout for third. A draw will do Caseys. Forum favourites Ballysteen will have to win and I’d fancy them to just squeak it but it should be a very tight one.

Looking like an Adare Newcastle final already though. Seem to be that bit ahead of the bunch, but the old KO championship always throws up a few shocks.


Good review. The 6 team groups in Limerick consistently deliver meaningful games right to the last round.
I will be off to Martinstown to see if our footballers can beat Athea to make the playoffs.

The PIHC format of 8 teams is also working well, two rounds of very competitive games remain.


They’re off to Cancun according to the Leader, what happened to Sandy Lane?