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I like Premier Intermediate but to be honest, but 5 group Championship games at senior is probably ideal and I don’t think 8 team divisions is sustainable long term.

And as we’ve said, beyond the first 4, the gap between the rest down to the top Intermediate teams is less than that.


If you’re not senior you’re nowhere. All the one what you call it.


But that’s my point… Going to 8 teams at senior wouldn’t serve any real purpose. An 8-team division would be no more competitive than a 24-team division. Probably less so, in fact.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the new format when it came in but it’s been okay I think. Been pretty competitive matches, decent enough quality for the most part.

Again you have to ask what is the aim? Is it to have as many competitive matches as possible, to reduce hammerings and create the best spectacle? Or is it something else?


It would get rid of the likes of Knockainey who add nothing.


I’m telling ya, if you relegated 4 teams, those fuckers would still manage to survive.

From an individual club point of view, what we want is at least 5 meaningful matches (and hopefully more) and ideally you’d know when they’d be on early in the year, the uncertainty is a killer too.


I’ve said it before, but it should be 8’s all the way down and if that means some teams are junior F so be it. At least the teams in Junior F would be up against those of a similar standard.

There are some awful hidings handed out in Junior. We’d have to find some way to preserve the West Junior A championship obviously given it’s absolutely box officeiness


Its time to set up a super 4 group of Na Pairsaigh, Kilmallock, Doon and The Well. When ye dispose of the lower two ye get to play Na Pairsaigh in the final.


Set up yer own county board. Sure when we win the 5 in a row the rest of the country will be looking to split Limerick in two anyway


We already field an inter county football team on our own I suppose


We promise to export all the footballs this side of the county over to ye, once we take the penknives out.


The new Old Firm


The Bally boys were still able to bate ye though.


Sent them home with their TEE(th) in a mug



I’m hearing the replay for Intermediate Relegation Hurling Final will be on Saturday


When and where?


In Bruff. No time yet.


Double-header with the Feohanagh/Blackrock relegation game in Bruff, I’m hearing.


Hon West Limerick!


Premier Intermediate semi-finals double header in Kilmallock on Saturday; Senior in the Gaelic Grounds on Sunday.

One Intermediate semi on Saturday, the other on Sunday.

Junior A final on the 20th in Dromcollogher.