Limerick GAA - World Champions


To be honest Lynch is our media darling .


Lynch was outstanding in the league. He was very good all through the championship without quite having the same influence. Part of this might actually might be down to DOD growing at midfield.

I would have given the nod for us to Mulcahy. Offered leadership in spades for us this year, and did it on the scoreboard too.


He was outstanding against Waterford and below in PUC. Was good against Tipp and Cork semi — Was double/triple teamed against Clare… Broke even in the final. Never, ever stops working tho and does a lot of dirty work.


the best man I’ve ever seen to get the ball up and away out of a ruck.

He has stopped self indulging with the flicks and fancy stuff too. A huge job of work done on him by Kiely and Kinnerk


This was his first year at midfield for seniors … The boy will dominate for a few years.


so long as he is left there for a few years


Lynch is top class, genuine quality and I would say certainly our most naturally gifted hurler.

I thought he had a very good Championship, but felt he was targeted in a few games and his influence was curbed slightly. Still effective but you’d feel there’s more in him. I would have said Mulcahy was the best in the country over the course of the Championship, unmarkable.


As good as Graeme was he probably never grabbed a game by the scruff of a neck and dominated it. Tom v kk, Gillane v cork, Flanagan v cork, Kyle v Galway were probably our best performances in our four biggest games. He was consistent but hurler of year is normally picked on the all Ireland series and I just he didn’t have one of those games where he stood out from the pack. It’s disappointing but I can see why.


For Mulcahy not even to receive a nomination for HOTY shows what a farce this entire thing is. You could argue DOD was just as good if not better than Cian in midfield alone.


Kyler should win YHotY, you’d think.


All star or YHOTY .


Tbf the nominations dictate who they want to win it. They stuck two Galway lads in because they want cian to win it. Same last year with two dubs and one mayo and two waterford lads with Red Bull joe.




It’s one or t’other alright


I see Flanagan is 2/1 for an all star. He deserves one.


I will be shocked if he does unless you have a say in the selection process .


Grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck? Like laying down the marker against Coleman in Cork when leadership was required? Showing absolute determination to finish two scrappy but hard fought goals against Waterford and Galway in the final? Steadying the ship with 3 vital scores in quick succession when Cork were close to completely taking over the game in the semi final and lastly and obviously most important firing over a huge clutch score to win us our first AI in 45 years when all the younger forwards around him had panicked and hit poor wides before he “grabbed the game the game by the scruff of the neck”. If a Canning or Reid did exactly what Mul did this year they would be 1/50 for the award let alone getting nominated for it. I suppose Mul doesn’t whore himself to advertisement at every opportunity.


I’d be surprised if he won an All-Star. Had a great year for sure but I don’t know if you could say he was better than Hegarty & Morrissey. They all had great years, all offering something different. And that before you take into account Canning, Duggan, Kearney, Harnedy.

Young Hurler it’s him vs Fitzgibbon who probably will win an All-Star.


Ffs this is hurler of the year. Graeme was very consistent but he wasn’t our standout player in the way you need to be to get nominated for hurler of the year. Joe canning won it for his winner v tipp last year. I thought tom m likewise should have got it for his point v kk and being as consistent as Graeme. He was brillaint in every game bar one and basically won us the game v kk.


are you trying to be controversial again, for shit’s and giggles. You rascal