Limerick GAA - World Champions


Graeme Mul’s on fire, your defence is terrified.


Prem Inter looks quite interesting. What are we looking at
Bruff, Pallas, Bouncers and Kildimo for the semi’s?


Wouldn’t rule out Mungret yet. Most likely at the expense of Pallas.

Kildimo/Pallaskenry will have a say too.


Mulcahy didnt do enough interviews throughout the season.


One more win for Mungret & Bruff should get them there, you’d think. Ourselves and the Bouncers probably need to win at least two of the last 3 to get there.

Pallasgreen would look to be the main team to throw a spanner in the works but they’ve already played the bottom 3 and have only won 1. Still have us, Bruff & Garryspillane to play.


There’s an outside chance that the current top 4 could all finish on 11 points- they’ve all played each other already, all winning 1, drawing 1 and losing 1.


The best championship in the whole country.


A poor man’s west junior hurling championship .


Its up there in twee bolloxology now like Joe Kernan throwing the medal on the floor or Liam Griffin walking his team over the county bounds


At least they all have all ireland medals in their pockets unlike the senior cork hurling squad.


Ah sure Mul is only a small fella

The moment it was won


Its like david and goliath


The Cork show pony got a right land. The Carkies are still sour about it.


That Hurley smash to the face showed him :+1:


The picture clearly shows the cork bollix grabbing Muls Arm and pulling it into his own head in an attempt to get Mul sent off. Despicable Cark behaviour


Mul mugged the little cunt off there, mugged him off good and proper.

I’d go so far as to say that was the moment that ultimately won the All-Ireland.


The Cark bollix lifted Mul 6 inches off the ground grabbing him like that.


It wasn’t a megal it was a plaque get your FACTS right



Without wanting to alter the narrative doesn’t that clip show the small fella from Cork driving the small fella from Limerick back about 5 metres?