Limerick GAA - World Champions


A lot of the Limerick lads did…


Correct he was clearly the aggressor and should have seen red. Poor Mul was only defending himself sure.


After some brilliant pressure from the poty, the cork lad goes with arms while the little Limerick lad is looking to shoulder. Hon mul


The myth that built up around that was very interesting, Mulcahy worked like a Trojan to win an important ball but whatcame next was a thing of nothing, he couldn’t exactly run away


Shush. This Limerick team invented the game and they’ve super powers that make it look like they’re being pushed backwards when they’re actually moving forward. Best team ever ever ever, straight through, won ALL their games, invented the game, no asterisk here. Move along


Depends if the camera was moving or not.




Lock the fucking thread


I look forward to being able to talk about hurling again with the Limerick crowd someday, for the moment we’ll just settle for the picture of yer man holding the cup to end all debate


That’s the ultimate aim chief. How you do it is actually irrelevant.


Sure mate, is that it so for the hurling chat till March?


you weren’t talking about hurling.


@ciarancareyshurlingarmy when are Mungret playing their back match in the football ?


It was about a hurling match, an incident that has been seen as pivotal in Limerick winning, contributed to Mulcahys claim to be hurler if the year as suggested by a poster here today


From our perspective yes. Why? Because chances are we’ll be back to debating and fighting again for another 45 years. So we’ll take every opportunity over the next few months to milk this one


it wasn’t contributed to be a claim to be hoty by the same poster.

It was contributed as an example of his leadership which was questioned by another poster.


The leadership that is a huge reason why he deserves the big award?
Honestly I don’t see the fuss, his work rate in the 15 seconds beforehand was outstanding alright


that’s the whole point. He worked so hard against Cork that day, the Cork fella was reduced to this carry on. He led by example with his workrate in the forwards that day down to 14 men.


I didn’t question his leadership at all you clown.


The first bold sentence states otherwise.

The second bold sentence is absolute gibberish by the way.