Limerick GAA - World Champions


His improvement as a player in the past two years is phenomenal really. The much maligned Fitzgibbon Cup being the catalyst.


I’d agree he’d have being easily hoty if he had stuck 2 or 3 of them great chances…mul is my poty Morrissey Lynch not far behind


His display against KK even though he secured Murphy an All Star has been bizarrely forgotten by a lot of the flutes posting in here.


Fair play to Joe. You can see the pain in his face.


Being 100% honest, maybe I’m biased I don’t know, but of the 3 players nominated I genuinely think Cian Lynch deserves the HOTY. It is an award measured throughout the year and I suppose a the Semis and Final are weighted a bit. Lynch’s quietest game was against Clare in Ennis when the whole side were off and even then he wasn’t too bad. He was solidly good in most games but he was brilliant against Tipp and Cork in Munster and was absolutely unreal against Waterford. He was again solid against Kilkenny before being very good against Cork in the semi and had a great game in the final.

I think Kyle Hayes will get YHOTY and no All Star and Fitzgibbon gets an All Star.

My All Star Predictions

  1. Eoin Murphy
  2. Seán Finn
  3. Daithí Burke
  4. Richie English
  5. Diarmaid Byrnes
  6. Declan Hannon
  7. Pádraig Mannion
  8. Darragh Fitzgibbon
  9. Cian Lynch
  10. Peter Duggan
  11. Joe Canning
  12. Tom Morrissey
  13. Aaron Gillane
  14. John Conlon
  15. Graeme Mulcahy

HOTY - Cian Lynch
YHOTY - Kyle Hayes


Yes, you are biased.


Fair enough. Where would you disagree?


Sure I’m agreeing with you, you are biased.


I can see I won’t get my fix of interesting hurling chat out of you :rollseyes:


I’d honestly give it to Mulcahy. Kept ye in it against Cork and had a massive final. Lynch deserves an all star and played well all year but not outstanding. Was poor for the fist half hour against Cork (until the goal) and shite against Clare as you pointed out. The much maligned Mulcahy deserves it in my book. A Joke to give it to Canning or Mannion.


Mannion deserves it for being the best hurler in the country this year, but I think the HOTY should come from the champions so I hope Lynch gets it, he’ll be a deserving recipient still


Not sure how you’d measure Mannion Vs Mulcahy to that extent. It’s Limerick’s year and he was they’re most influential player, let him have it to fuck. It’s irrelevant to Mannion anyway I’d say.


So his attacking coleman with his hurl was thw winning of the all ireland? Makes sense


Seems a rational explanation. John Kiely is some spoofer.


Be good to finally get to the bottom of this one it was gone quiet :+1:


Is that bullying or is it just a good lambasting


You’re seething because your boys don’t have the balls to win an All Ireland. You’re seething because ye couldn’t beat us in Cork with an extra man or couldn’t finish us off in Croke Park when 6 points ahead and jumping around in fellas faces after scoring points. :pint:


If Harnedy had stuck his goal chance against Limerick hed have been HOTY :confounded:


Ah this is beautiful to read… :popcorn:


Jesus Limerick winning an AI has lads seething. Lovely :smile: