Ireland, and Irish people, have a severe problem with littering … What the fuck is wrong with people that they think they can just throw their trash where they like? Teenagers in particular are major culprits and it stems from a sense of entitlement — it;s someone else’s problem, not mine … I’m sick of looking at litter every where. cunts


The myth of irish social cohesion.

Look at the health service, all public service really to an extent. The sweeping under the rug of scandals, corruption ignored. People care only for themselves and their immediate circles. There is no greater good.


Sweep sweep


Pick it up you lazy cnut and stop whinging.


No training,no guidance, monkey see monkey do


Smokers are the worst cunts at it.


The amount of times you see the car in front of you flicking the cigarette out the window is incredible.

Also do other nations have the same problems as us with pavements being riddled with chewing gum? Every town and city in Ireland seems blighted by it.


A reliance on fast food and privatisation of waste disposal are big factors I’d wager.

The cities and towns have cleaned up a lot over the last ten years or so I reckon, but the countryside is riddled.


Those IBAL reports they do once or twice a year identifying litter back spots, moderately littered spots, clean to European norms etc are a great idea - if nothing else they shame local councils into cleaning up particularity bad areas.


The Tidy Towns is some job in fairness


It really only happens in poorer areas. Cities inevitably have litter but for the most part the Councils do a decent job of cleaning up. The parts of Dublin that are really filthy are streets where there’s residences and the council don’t look at it.


There’s a lovely satisfaction in having that last drag of a smoke in your car and firing it out the window in Kildare


Stupid backward pig ignorant rural types.


Yes. I don’t think Ireland is much worse than other countries for litter.


Including the wimmin?


It’s lack of education in the schools. Lack of policing and lack of fines.

We are a dirty race of people. The dirtiest. Travellers are the worst, but they’re not the only ones.

Don’t get me started on this subject.


You’ve no idea the turmoil you’ve put him in with this.


I never heard any more on this story after. Anybody know anything?

A few of my neighbours don’t have bins collected. I’d love to know where it goes.


We are much better than a lot of countries with our solar bins.

Again the parts of Dublin where you will see rubbish are the areas around the flats and quieter streets (other than businesses leaving out their rubbish for collection, which is unavoidable). The councils don’t prioritize those areas. Grafton Street, Merrion Square, Stephens Green, Henry Street…they’re pretty clean. O’Connell Street is cleaned a lot too…

There are other areas around the city, that’s usually where there’s deprivation. I don’t think Ireland is any worse than most western countries.


Was thinking the same today. Fucking everywhere after Christmas.