I think the point of this thread is that the streets shouldn’t need to be cleaned. The rubbish shouldn’t be thrown there in the first place.


Yes but i wouldn’t say we are any better or any worse. We have decent enough policies around waste though.


Who gives a fuck about other countries?

I’m on about Irish people just discarding their litter at will … I live in a fairly decent enough part of Cork and the estate is strewn with litter. Our coucils do a very good job in our cities but that’s not the point, the point is people just fuck their rubbish away onto the ground at will. I witness it regularly…

You need to get out of leafy south county Dublin a bit more, Tim …


I’ve been all over Dublin pal, most estates are in grand shape. Anywhere with a decent residents association doesn’t have a problem.


Incorrect,having lived worked all over Europe,and eastern Europe, plus Israel etc,I reckon we’re a filthy lot,and if one is unfortunate to live(as I do now) in a chavvy area unfortunately the parents/ grandparents don’t chastise kids for fcuking about,we had a tenants ass locally,got the kids / parents involved in local clean ups summertime,but when we went door to door collecting towards a maintenance crew to cut the field etc in the summer 25 out of 90 plus houses donated,so now back to abnormal,papers,cans,bottles all over the gaff,my immediate neighbour and one other clean,pick up,brush the street,rest are too fcuking busy with booze / drugs/ TV to show any example to the smallies,rant over


Where do you live mate?

Dogshit is the worst where I live, litter not a huge problem


This is exactly the point.

Dirty people want other people to pick up after them.

“Ahh sure Jim the fool across the road will pick that up after”. Big dirty laugh out of him.

But sooner or later Jim get sick of it all.


I can remember in primary school, 25/30 years ago, there were classes, posters, videos, even drawing competitions about littering. I had a fair idea leaving the scoil náisiúnta that littering was bad.


Bullet points, paragraphs or maybe don’t bother in future.


There is not much litter in my country but it’s very smelly.


Limerick isn’t a country, it’s a county.


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Exactly but sure why wouldn’t people in certain areas fuck their rubbish out on the street when the council will be round in the morning to pick it up.


I’d say you gave her a follow all the same


Not yet.


Not too bad here doggy door,but the amount of stuff dumped constantly around me is frightening


Used live in bishoptown ,my part of it is spotless,civic pride still active,as in its not ok to dump ,drop litter,had to move away from there 9yrs ago to a shite hole where outside of the nice estates anything goes,in council area’s in general ppl don’t care,and old saying goes if you get something for nothing you don’t respect it,p.s. Obviously not all council tenants are chavs,but lots are


I’m in mount oval in Rochestown and it’s filthy… Largely due to spoilt teens just dumping their thrash where they like.