Time to get rid of the dog so fella.


That’s sad, and they’re little mummies boys aswell, shocked,bad schooling, wouldn’t get the colaiste an spioraid naoimh boys at it


National service - to include litter gathering, low calibre firearms practice and neutrality.


The lack of public bins is a fucking national outrage.

Now I’m conscientious enough to bring miscellaneous rubbish home or wait for a bin, but I do be fuming that I have to when I’m inside in a town


Hey bud


Public bins aren’t provided anymore because people are filling them with their private household rubbish.
Please refer to my second post above.


Well kid.




I was out for a walk of a Sunday afternoon before Christmas in a local park. It was about 4pm when I got there and began walking the track around it, so it was still bright. There were quite a few other people coming and going about the place, walking dogs, playground etc.

As I began walking I notice smoke coming from a public bin near the entrance and three teenagers 15-17 age bracket loitering nearby. I had a fair idea they were responsible for it but hadn’t seen them do anything. I continued on and came around to another public bin in the park and lo and behold here are the same three bucks standing beside it and smoke starting to come out of it.

I couldn’t help myself but to confront them and let them know I knew what they were at and told them to grow the fuck up or words to that effect. They of course denied any knowledge and I continued on. It was getting fairly dark at this stage and I continued my walk and came towards the furthest corner of the park from the road.

What am I met by but the three bucks again but this time they were joined by about five others of the same age, and you guessed it, they were in the act of trying to set fire to another bin. I was fucking raging but had no option but to walk past and say fuck all as no doubt they’d have more than likely tried to kick the shite out of me if I’d said anything again.

I half expected them to try it anyway so I made direct eye contact with the ringleader (one of those cunts who wears shorts in December to show how tough he is) and walked by without incident. Pure mindless vandalism and them thinking they were great lads.

I suppose the few points I am trying to make is that the way things are gone now loads of other people in the park must have seen what I did but

A) pretended not to see it
B) saw it but didn’t want to get involved
C) people go around with their head so far up their holes or in their phones they don’t notice anything going on around them.
D) a group of teenagers like this think it’s ok to do this in their local park
E) said group are as likely to kick the shite out of anyone who said anything to them as to stop
F) This happened in a small town not in the middle of some corporation estate.

Jesus I was fuming after it and so frustrated. What I wouldn’t have given to get the ringleader on his own and teach him a lesson (not the recommended way to deal with it I know) but Christ it would have given me great satisfaction.


Same thing happened to me a while back. Only there were 10 young delinquents in total. I gave the ringleader a solid blow to the throat with the heel of my hand, then I stated firmly that “that’s to be the end of it’”, before swiping the feet from under the ringleader’s sidekick with a sort of roundhouse backheel.
I felt pretty good afterwards, even if the ringleader was only twelve (her sidekick was possibly a little older).




Douglas outside KCs is usually in bits in the mornings. The fact that Xtravision and Centra a both shut doesn’t help


Dirty Douglas :smiling_imp:


I was gonna add that… People park across the road in the petrol station or cinema car park and just duck their rubbish out the window… I’ve never seen anything like it.


In saying that I’ve just heard the street sweeper passing the house so at least they’re out and about. And there is a Douglas Tidy Towns committee that head up the Mangala to keep it tidy which is all good


Yes but if we didnt have volunteers - the country would be one big dump.


Cork people are filthy vermin it seems


I’m at breaking point and may have to seriously consider moving away.


Maybe cleanse it as you leave.