You dont need it, the rubbish is in clear sight.



The amount of cunts tipping their rubbish into hedges in the countryside since Christmas is disgraceful. Usually towny cunts too


That IBAL report says it’s on the increase.



Looks like if we dont have volunteers then an area os filthy - which backs up my point — Irish people are litter bugs.

‘‘volunteer organisations play a big role in keeping towns clean, but in some areas there are no such groups.’’


Cork is a filthy kip, I remember you could walk into town from Dublin Hill to Patrick street and not find one bin in the street to put rubbish in




That’s the Northside bud, different world


Cork, Dublin and Galway appear to be completely filthy. Limerick and Waherford leading the way.


Eh, all the cities should be included here, how did Kilkenny fair?




It did well in the small towns and villages category.


The city, not its women


I’ve never seen a Kilkenny woman. Like Dwarves, there are none I’d say.

Shipped in from foreign and Carlow for the Cat Laughs


Lads who let another Cork cunt join? I thought we’d spoken about this.


Jealousy will get you absolutely nowhere country boy


Here ‘langer’, go sell your Cork schtick somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here.


Stocked up with plamas


Piss n wind