Waterford - Ireland’s cleanest city :+1:


Having been in Drimnagh this morning, I can confirm the above. There are some fat seagulls in D12 boy.



To add insult to injury bastards dumped this lot with a kk registration on the Lee road ,Cork , spotted it this morning


Is that a portaloo?


Nah just some bastards rubbish


I doubt some KK lad would bring his toilet all the way from KK down to the Lee Road in Cork to dump.

Disgraceful none the less.


Obviously not a kk boy,pavees are to blame for most of corks fly tipping,Google Nash’s boreen,if not from cork, halting site,that had cost the council e200,000plus over the years,they pick up waste bring it back,burn it,won’t let that gardai / firebrigade in,this is all true,Google it, cork city councillor raised the matter only 10 days ago on corks red fm


Fucking pavers are always up to no good.


He’d sooner dump it closer to home.