Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Whats Milner up to? Plenty of time to make that ball.


That is what the world’s best goalie gives you.


Best chance of the game there for United, which is an indictment of Liverpool.

Sanchez for Lingard. No subs left now.


The fucking size of Sanchez


Hardly a wise choice including Lingard in the squad.


Poor management


This is an outstanding chance to win this game now.

But Liverpool need to silence the Manchester United crowd, because they seem unusually up for this, especially given the way the game has gone so far.


Liverpool really do need to take advantage here but don’t look likely to score so far


Final ball has been terrible.


No guile


English football is shocking


Crowd has been a huge factor remember


That’s a really bad fall for Robbo. Salah-esque.


Robertson down now. Bang on the head.


Resilient Robbo. Hard as nails.


Liverpool record at Old Trafford would suggest a point is a good result.


Hard to play against that noise, you’re probably right


Was it not his hand?


The empty seats are a distraction. Common Manchester based club issue. These players are used to full stadiums.


Would you think it’s a plan by united to distract liverpool?