Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


How did this go?.first half radio commentary suggested it was all Liverpool. ?


Still going on. No score yet and none expected either


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Always felt this was the game that Liverpool were most likely to drop points but didn’t think they would play so badly.

They were completely inept today, sloppy passing, poor decision making, didn’t come close to looking like scoring. United were as bad to be honest, needlessly giving possession away but they looked more likely to score. Maybe they were compact and defended well but they had very little to deal with.

Salah was atrocious and has been for the last few games.


There are many like it, but this one is mine.



He’s a poor man’s jamie vardy


It’s telling that he takes the corners because he’s too cowardly for the rough and tumble in the box.


Ramos ended him as a man


It’s sad to watch.


Is there room on the bandwagon for one more?


5 without a proper number 9. That windbag Firminho needs to replaced in the summer. Grand as a squad player.


For liverpool to take Man City to the last 10 games is very impressive … Liverpool have a decent 11, but nothing world class … and they certainly have a very average squad overall. I’ve been saying it since November, but I think they’ll be pipped in the end but it’s as good as chance as ever.


Might be no harm if firminho missed a few more games. He’s looked very lethargic the last few games I saw him in


By the end of the season, we’ll have a decent 11 alright.

Wins in a row, that is.

And this time it will be enough.


Of Liverpool’s last ten, they only play four teams in top 10 of league. Chelsea and Spurs are at home. They’ve been flat track bullies against the lower half of the league, with only Leicester picking up a single point.

We. Go. Again.