Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


The next game is always the one I’m most worried about.

But if we get over Everton, I genuinely think we’ll do it.

The Premier League is weird how mid table teams bounce from one bad result to a good one and vice versa. Watford won 5-1 last Friday and I was genuinely worried about them.

Everton won 3-0 last night.

I think we’ll win 2-0 on Sunday.

Bournemouth lost 5-1 tonight. Sounds like ripe territory for a bounce back win on Saturday.

I’m confident we’ll beat Tottenham and Chelsea at home.

Salah isn’t travelling with Egypt for the international break. Bobby will hardly travel either now.

Manchester City have four home games left out of 10.

We’re going to do this.


I love you guys


It’s the same old theme since 1990
Zombie, Zombie, Zombie


Sure it’s the same as the Galway crowd. They’d to wait 29 years. Liverpool to do the same


He’s been poor all season. Went missing in both Europa and Champions League finals. Of dubious character.


Another goal or two from Origi and that will generate 25m for him in the summer. Sturridge is off as well… That’s at least 2 new forwards required next year


I think the young lad who’s out with a cruciate will fill one of those spots, his name escapes me at the minute.


Rhian Brewster.


I think Firmino is a class player. We need him back as soon as possible.


He is better utilized between the lines - some of his best work is done coming deep and unleashing Mane / Salah … he has been playing much higher this year tho.


Zombie was released in 1994, you dope.


He’s absolutely a class player. But he’s been playing poorly of late


I don’t think he’s been that bad. I have been surprised that he was substituted in some matches in that even at well less that 100% he is better than options off the bench.


His play with Salah last year was orgasmic at times.

That has been lacking this season.


The three lads up front get no break. Klopp should have picked up a reasonable back up forward at Christmas.


I am hoping that Klopp recognised that Liverpool couldn’t physically maintain a high press, high energy game for the entirety of this season and has held some back for the most important time - the run in.


Firminho turned his ankle trying to pass the ball on Sunday. It sums his season up. His no show-in the Champions League final and Europa League final shows he cannot be relied upon when the chips are down. As a Galway man he reminds me of lads like Cathal Mannion and Anthony Cunningham, show flashes of brilliance from time to time but go missing when needed most.


Supercomputer is predicting Liverpool won’t concede another goal this season…


They will serve Leicester well.


One for @Sidney — Derby day quiz!! I got 15/20