Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


That attack on the City bus is as big of a stain on LFC as the time they murdered them Italians fellas


Van Dijk is a monumental wanker of a man


Being that good must be annoying when he sees the ineptitude further up the pitch. Himself and Allisson are the only reason Liverpool are still in contention.


Liverpool supporters on the INTERNET have well and truly learned the lessons of 2014.

We’re completely writing off our chances, talking ourselves down at every opportunity, and I’ve no doubt that means we’ll definitely win the league.


imagine how much of a cock he must have been at Celtic and Southampton.



What am I looking at here, kid?


I used to play 5 a side with a few lads that could be best described as agricultural. We had 6 on 5 one day and I went in goals for a rest. The other team left the lad with the Mayo jersey free. I was a bit cranky at the time and rather than give the useless cunt the ball I just kicked it out over the wire to kill time. I can imagine Big Virge feels like this every time he sees Milner or Henderson free for a pass.


Liverpool players and their manager celebrating in front of the Kop after salvaging a draw vs West Brom…


Liverpool FC has a lot of lads badly rattled


mostly fans of Liverpool FC


Another example of the immense psychological strength Liverpool supporters are experiencing at the moment - deliberately and self deprecatingly teeing up one liners for the simple lads to bite on, to let them think they’ve got a little INTERNET victory.

Absolutely toying with them, so we are.


Keita was bought a year before Fekir (sic) wasn’t, pal.




Another simple lad bites down hard.


Like sausages in a pan they are.

Lured in by the siren call of Liverpool FC.




The Anfieldwrap is delusion central.


Bar Neil Atkinson. He basically came on and said they were shit today


Liverpool are box office, the lifeblood of this forum