Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Van Dyke is very good … still has a bit to go before he’s a great tho, but he has had a couple of very good seasons.

If Liverpool could get another of the same quality in there they would be a right force … Would love to have seen them make a move for Godin.


Your bar of greatness is set very high, Van Dijk is a great player.


He’s wonderful. Anyone who has half a clue about association football would recognise this. He’s the best Liverpool centre half in thirty years.


Off the top of my head I can’t tnink of a more accomplished defender in all my years watching English football as he is at the moment, he’s just a joy to watch


Player of the year?


For me, definitely, it’ll probably go to the league winners though so I wouldn’t begrudge it to Sterling, Aguero won’t be far away


There’s no league winners when it’s announced mate.


Oh well, I think he’s been the best player in the league so I think he deserves to win it


Between him and Augero


I’d have a slight preference for Sterling over Aguero



If Van Dijk was suspended for a game, he’d probably be put straight back into the team after. That’s just his level, he’s no McGinn.


Liverpool are better off by 14 pts and 20 less goals conceded than at this stage last season. His contribution to Liverpool’s improvement is up there with Suarez’s last season.


Having a goalkeeper who is able to stop shots and distribute the ball has been a help also


You could have stopped at goalkeeper.


Dont mind that cunt. They’re in for some Spanish guy.


Sterling deserves it.


Don’t watch Liverpool much but Mane must be a decent shout for player of the year based on his stats


Ahead of Van Dijk?


Has had a serious season. The one black mark against him is a lack of assists, mainly because he isn’t always fond of a pass. He’s a big game player in fairness to him