Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


palace down to ten


Salah gets the young lad sent off.


What are you talking about you old fool?


The match on the Telly.


The young lad, while I like the cut of his jib, got nowhere near the ball and made contact with Salah.


He was rubbish in tne World Cup


This ain’t the GAA - professional referees don’t shy away from making the big calls and applying the rules.


Michael Oliver is an excellent referee - just a pity he had to put up with the verbal abuse of that prick Buffon.


He wasn’t and anyway you’ve probably watched him play twice so your opinion is irrelevant


Liverpool living dangerously.


Palace are good. They are going to make chances.


By verbal abuse I assume you mean the truth.

Oliver has the heart of a trash can and the morals of a sewer rat.


After the scandalous decision against Gianluigi Buffon, for which he deserved to be hounded out of the game and the rest of his life made a misery with vile personal abuse, Referee Oliver has regained a small amount of goodwill tonight with some good calls.


Buffon always has his beloved fist pumps though.


And his world cup medal


He was shit in tne World Cup mate, my opinion is based on his performances that I’ve seen rather than your hipster bullshit, he conceded a couple of poor goals in tne World Cup




And the World Cup WInner’s medal. Oliver will always been known as the cheat who tried to humiliate one of the legends of the game.


What goals were those? Hipster bullshit=watching him play more than twice :laughing:

Anyway, the worst goalkeeper in the world cup was David de Gea so I presume you don’t rate him either?


So has Roque Junior mate.

I’m obviously not trying to compare the two ability wise but a World Cup medal doesn’t mean much.

And I find a lot of Buffon’s carry on annoying.