Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Who is the third team?


Good win. Good change in demeanour because that’s the type of game we’d normally drop points in.




Not sure they’re up to it tbh, but its early days I guess.


I hardly watch any football mate, but I know the game, I don’t need a hipster podcast to tell me.
Now I have no information on Allison besides my understanding that when I saw him (in the World Cup) he wasn’t one of the worlds best keepers, I wouldn’t be the type to pretend to have seen lots of him


How is watching Italian football hipster?


I don’t even think it’s on TV


Michael Oliver is the best in the business.


Rai uno and sky italia mate


At cheating?


What number on the sky box mate?


And you think I’m arrogant :laughing:

What’s this about?

Why didn’t you answer my questions from the previous post like which goals he was at fault for and whether you rated David de Gea who was the worst goalkeeper in the world cup?

I’ll make sure to comment on here and tag you whenever I watch games from foreign leagues from now on mate. Valencia-Atletico was a great game earlier mate, lovely play by Griezmann to set up Correa for the Atleti goal and an emphatic finish by Rodrigo for the equaliser



i have another life mate, watching that much football is for kids


Says the lad with the tackie collection :laughing:


You should’ve stopped there really


Well he is a Spuds fan.


What @Balbec says


This is our year.


The English Premier League doesn’t stop on 31st December 2018 mate, it continues into 2019.