Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


I honestly think you should take that down. It’s an appalling post and doesn’t reflect well on you or the site.


Can we agree to hospitalised with minor injuries?


Can’t have Thelma without Louise I suppose.


I’ll go with minor injuries. That last poor man was far from there.


Ah lads, I’ve heard it all now, a throw in coach. Klopp just hired son danish lad for this role. It will be like american football soon with more coaches than players



is this true?




Worth every cent.


Could Karius not teach them to throw it in ?


I presume this isn’t technical and is more about positioning to retain possession?

Christ that’s money for jam


Four games

Four wins



The red men not at their best today but another win.

Allison with Bruce Grobbelar esque error, another sign that this is our year
Champions find a way


You haven’t found a way in 30 years


Speaking of 30 years ago

Fair play to the kilcoynez and their foresight in helping with the housing crisis. :clap:


And now srfc are a fan owned club in a great stadium with the best prospects of any sports club in ireland



Someone needs to tell that keeper he isn’t playing in Italy anymore where there’s a slower pace, and to quit clowning around

Check out @sportsnepal5’s Tweet:


Limerick hadn’t found one either in 45 years but we did this year.

Liverpool will be no different.


You can’t compare it to amateur trophies which nobody cares about


I’ll compare it to whatever i want.