Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


Bargain of the season


City the bastards are relentless.


Not conceding goals.


They’ve some defensive record (as do Liverpool Football Club)
Would have been great result if Spurs could have got a draw




Ah lads, I actually LOL’d. Footballers :smile:

Its gets better with the follow up messages on the thread.


Unreal bantz from the young man!

And of course, going by the IQ of your average Liverpool fan, the father to be will be going around bragging that TAA tried to bang his girlfriend.


I’d say the full conversation would be interesting.


I find it odd she didn’t just end the conversation.


Yep, anyone disregarding this point is truly mental.


The new Jermaine Pennant.


A new low for womanhood and this attention seeking, celebrity obsessed generation


The “you’re putting me in an awkward position” bit says it all, the awkward position being that she’s 7 months pregnant and in a long term relationship but he’s a famous footballer so she has to bang him really.




This poor cunt.


I see her account is now “protected”. Shit just got real for her since @Copper_pipe went viral with this


Is he still suffering with concussion?


He’s suffering from something anyway, the poor cunt.


He may be many things, but poor isn’t one of them.


We’ll be welcoming him on to the depression thread shortly