Liverpool Football Club 2018/19


10 points better from the same fixtures as last season. Only 3 goals less scored but fourteen fewer conceded. Nothing wrong with the current groove.


Fracture for Joe



Mo salahhhhhhh


It was offside.


Bournemouth should have had a pelanty there.


You watch an awful lot of soccer on television. Some match in Italy on Friday night and the first live EPL match of the weekend around midday on Saturday at the moment. Maybe you should find a few hobbies or a social outlet.


He will spend his entire weekend watching English soccer games, then on Monday morning he will tell us English football is rubbish.

An absolute fucking weirdo.


Football is a hobby.

Maybe you should follow your own advice and find one as battering your missus does not count.


You’d want your head examined to be watching Liverpool and Bournemouth.


He’ll be little lost boy this afternoon though with no Paul Clement to follow.


Watching television is not a hobby.


I’m doing a bit of work here and have it on in the corner on the iPad. Imagine a fella going into a pub to watch that?


You’re the guy who spends every weekend monitoring and stalking some chap off the internet that you don’t know.

That’s weird behaviour, Fanta Pants.


I’m watching my hobby.

You batter women, there’s not really much to compare.


It’s tragic behaviour. There’s lads in jail doing more with their lives.


Must be mortifying for you. Say your wife got a few belts everytime the Championship thread was bumped up on a Saturday evening at 5pm.


Cracking finish by Cook there


Salah has scored the crankiest hat trick of the season


Salah completes his hat-trick