Liverpool Football Club 2019/20 - We Go Again. Whenever Again Is

More financial doping, splashing out 1.3 million on Dutch 17-year-old defender Sepp van den Berg

You’d have to say he’ll probably be worth the extra £3m if he makes 350 appearances

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Nothing about the ten million in agent fees though.

The entire transfer fee here will cover some future agents fees


1.3m is absolutely nothing in today’s market. United are about to sign a defender for 50m who has yet to play for England :joy: Main thing is anyway Liverpool fans can put 100% trust in Edwards, Klopp & co.

You pissed on the dead


How many of their own fans will they murder this year

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There’s no telling. Probably thousands

There’s going to be a massacre next season, the pool are going to destroy all round them

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the famed Liverpool academy working wonders again.

A diamond is only a piece of rock until cut and polished by a craftsman.

It was more a case of that any player bought who is a teenager can be classed as being part of your academy. Works for other clubs anyway.

Would you know of any other club who does this?

There arent many clubs who have a famed academy, so no, cant think of any off hand. If only someone could keep a track of how many players from said famed academy played for their club consecutively. That would be a really interesting stat to keep track of, particularly if they did like here and bought a promising young teenager on the verge of first team football. Its a nice handy way of keeping the famed academy tradition going.

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One of the reasons for the decline in Irish football over last decade is the top clubs source their academy players from all over the globe and not just the British Isles as was mainly the case.

Sepp Van Den Berg would start for United right now :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

Sepp Blatter would start for Manchester United now


Sin fíor to be fair

Would he piss on his dying neighbours while robbing their wallets though you horrible fucking cunt?