Liverpool Football Club 2021/22

Some right shockers in there.

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Mane at Newcastle ffs.

The Everton match was something else. They should have walked off. Clear agenda against the reds this season. Took it on the chin and kept going. Proper club.

Firmino adjudged to be playing Leicester onside after VAR draw his foot the wrong way round :rofl:

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That was an absolute jokeshop in fairness - you knew the game was up watching that.


Is that yourself?

We want M-Bop

Looks legit.

There you go kid

Big Sepp coming back from Preston to compete with Davies for 6th choice CB. Williams to go out on loan.

Centre back options next year
Big Virg
Joe Baresi
Big Joel
Big Nat
Young Sepp / Ben lad

Worry if course is Joe/Joel injuries

Don’t forget Billy the Kid


Order should read
Big Virg
Big Nat

Nothing else matters unless one of the boys are injured or need a break.

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Badly need better full back cover. No idea if Kostas is up to scratch. N Williams won’t cut it. Milner can’t be relied upon forever.

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It would be interesting to see what Nat would be like with VVD. He has to be kept on now I think.

Flashbacks for Virgil of his days playing alongside Lovren.

It could well happen too tbf

Harry Kane to Liverpool, per source