Living in Dublin

Just interested in seeing how many of the country reared forumites that are currently working & living in Dublin see themselves still working and living there in 10 years time?

I gave Dublin 2.5yrs and only ever saw it as a necessary evil to get some experience. Got out just before things went tits up. Got very lucky, in that I got a good job in Limerick and the position that I been working in Dublin was made redundant about 6 months after I left.

I know the last two poll options don’t really suit the question but I threw them in anyways.

Between college and work I’m in Dublin 11 years now. I always said that when it came to having kids or anything like that I’d never do it in Dublin and would move home for a better quality of life and to be closer to family etc. The main issue now is that I’d be unlikely to find work in my area outside of Dublin so it looks like I’d have to commute but that’s no life to be living either. Time to think of some way of working for myself!

i have never lived in Dublin - no intention of either- i guess living in a county within cycling distance of Dublin means i have the best of both worlds

Two and a half hours is probably not enough to get to know any city.

+1, that’s why I moved to County Fingal when the kids were born…

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I’m here 2+ years now. Tis grand. I’m used to it. Fuck all happening at home anyway so I don’t feel like I’m missing out or anything. I’ve grown to enjoy the convience of city living.
Can’t see myself staying here forever but I ain’t got any better options at the minute.

If there is one thing Julio enjoys, it’s convenience

Can we have a “I haven’t a fucking clue where I’ll be in 10 years” option?

Done. Sort of.

+1. I like living in Dublin and have no immediate plans to move but there’s so many variables that could impact on where I’ll be based in 10 years: employment issues, what cesc4 / Jugs / Rocko / ClarkeyCat amongst others are doing; heaven forbid, there may even be a lady to consider and so on. I could possibly see myself moving home to New York though because I am a proud American.

I have being living in dublin for 10 years now. Mrs fenwaypark is working here aswell. I could see us in Dublin for the very forseeable future. To be honest I dont mind Dublin at all. Truth being told, its a grand old place.


Long Island all the way

Always thought I’d move back to rural Wexford eventually but that is now far less likely. Will more likely just maintain a second home there.

No idea where I’ll be in ten years. Very happy in New York at the moment, great lifestyle, relatively low income taxes, better pay, more interesting work, more interesting people, better looking people, better sports, better army etc. Will be here for another while anyway.

The idea of doing the family thing here doesn’t really appeal to me though (it actually doesn’t appeal to me in general), commuting an hour and a half each way from New Jersey or Connecticut would be a pain. Then again you could do it Don Draper style, have a wife in the burbs and a few pieces on the side in the city, that wouldn’t be all bad.

To summarise I’ll probably be in Dublin and be a manic depressive again.

I’d like to be in Boston in 10 years time.

Think I’d to settle there for the rest of my working career and then buy a nice little retreat in the south of Italy to retire to.

Have you lived there before? I was there for a couple of years, great spot.

No mate, it is an ambition of mine though. I spent two weeks out there back in the early 00’s. Lovely place, alot more laid back than the helter skelter pace of New York and the people were really friendly, the proud Irish diaspora there was also very endearing to me. New York is a great city and I enjoyed visiting there but I don’t think I’d like to live there.

I’d like to live somewhere around Bleeker and MacDougal in the NYU district of Manhattan.