Lockdown Drinking Thread

I was like that as well when I was younger. I love a few bottles now some Friday nights and throw on the headphones when everyone is asleep.

You should try it, you’ll get the hang of it eventually & you’ll never look back.


I think the cans have gotten better at producing a head.

You’d often get a flat can

Not exactly a TFK-friendly pint glass there…

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In these times, who gives a bollox?

having x2 (two) cans of that wicklow wolf IPA here
i feel rightly mugged off that there is only 400ml per can - and a huge volume of effort seems to have gone into designing the can
its grand tho - i had 2 of those boyne lagers last night - thats good stuff

fuck now - for lockdown there is 24 carling / 24 heineken / a bottle of captain morgan and 400 red marlboro in the attack
that’s for the rainy day


Why did you bother with that post so?

I’ve massively underestimated how much Guinness I’d need for this. 3 days in and I’m already looking at a re-stock.

There’s a lot of Bud floating around in shops but, please God, it wont come to that

In these troubled times to mitigate all risks Id be clipping those nails back about 2.5mm mate.


Took care of that this morning. :smile: Nothing escapes scrutiny on TFK.


A nice bottle of red wine is a lovely thing to sup of a weekend night

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Never would have guessed that @PhattPike was a lady.

cc @balbec

New Amsterdam Vodka and Fever Tree tonic. Quinine, Quinine, Quinine


You’ve a lovely house.


Things must be tough when you are using A piece of firewood as a table.

That’s a lovely drink table. I’m using my belly

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Interesting looking gaff. I feel chilled just looking at the picture.

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