LOL 22/22

Not exactly prolific by any means

at APOEL yes - back in the glory days
clubs like AEK and APOEL , their squads were ( now i havent checked this season) full of ex la liga and brazilian players who were on that one/two year contract trip around south eastern europe before heading to places like Buriram United in Thailand or the gulf leagues.
Killian Sheridan did very well for himself, the was APOEL/CSKA/jagiellia/Ironi Kiryat Shmona… they make cash on siging on fees and its probably better crack earning 2k a week at kiryat shmona playing 30 games a year then 50+ for the same money at Nuneaton Boro or Carlisle and having the absolute shit kicked out of you
an agent is key here, this is a game of one season contracts with a willingness to go anywhere

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Flores is the only one of those players worth keeping

Crystal Palace want Brandon Kavanagh

Rovers have also confirmed the signing of Danny Mandroiu - a move which prepares them for Jack Byrne’s expected exit. They’ll have to pay some compensation to Bohs as they triggered an option to offer him a new deal as he’s U-23.


Is it homesickness? Dublin is much more accessible from England than it would be from America or Cyprus. Seems strange to completely turn his back on England because he didn’t like Wigan/Blackburn. Would he do well in Spain/Italy/Holland/Germany/France? Maybe a potential move to Celtic?

Pico to an English team?

Im thinking due to the fact he is a Cape Verde international it’ll be Portugal or somewhere on the continent .
The Gannon and Sean Hoare signings are a bit meh tbh, - Mandriou is a smashing additon tho so im assuming byrne and or maceniff are gone

presume for the BSC Danny Grant will end up at Hull

Gannon is one of the best in the country if not the best, great signing for rovers

Looked to be gone back a bit this season


@Corksfinedtboy asleep at the wheel

Danny Grant going to Huddersfield. Really overtook Mandriou last season

Kevin Shedy takes over at Waterford


bad day for the footix today as an ex LOI X1 and manager beat Glasgow Rangers, whilst their beloved Celtic cant do it with all their “oirish” fans


Mike Newell as assistant.

That can’t be cheap?


We’re fucked

Has he any CV? Bizarre

Ran the Everton Cùl Camps ( academy ) I think . Worked for Dundalk. A fabulous player but surely this isn’t the way to go

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oluwa to bohs

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