London 2012

Anyone else get tickets? Croppy was most pleased to see his card charged for around €440 (for two people) and a lovely e-mail telling him he’d find out what events he’s going to on June 25.

Fingers crossed to be at pool when Wexford’s finest brings home Gold.


€220? Jaysis. What do you get for that??

Two events I think, they only confirm the events you were successful with on June 25.

Judo and archery would be nice.

A combination of both would be better.

It’s an outrageous set up really. Lucky dip value.

Here give us €440 there and we’ll see what you get

Morkeshing geniuses and foolish people = ka-chinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.

The Olympics don’t do it for me but lapsed forum member Juhniallio attended the Men’s 100m Final in Beijing and said the buzz before, during and after was electric. Wouldn’t fancy paying over the odds to go into a lucky dip given the sheer plethora of shite (non) sports that form large parts of the event calendar.

not quite, you only apply for the events that you wish to attend. You cannot get anything that you did not apply for.

The runt badly exposed again here

I assume you need to apply for a minimum number of events though i.e. you can’t just apply for the 100m alone.

For the athletics you are given the option of applying for sessions - so morning or evening - they list the events taking place during each session so it’s up to you to make your own choice.

You can apply for just one session if you like but you’d be less likely to get any tickets in that case. I applied for tkts up to a value of £1,382.00 and got tickets to the value of £338.00

Got the boxing for Katie Taylor’s semi, final and Gold Medal presentation!

Nice one!


Was lucky enough to be in Berlin for Bolts heroics, cost 30 or 40 euro if i remember correctly. :smiley:

Ryanair was it?

No, they were more expensive

Men’s 100m finals plus other assorted events that night
Katie Taylor’s final night in the boxing
will have a sconce again in July to see what else is left that I can get

Jesus you did well. How much as it for you?