Looking for a laptop



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FOF - don’t bother with the laptop, get yourself one of these


I read about these a few months ago. Fairly reasonable prices :smiley:


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What do you call a fat laptop?

A Dell.


Buying a new laptop in the next couple of weeks, looking at this one


What sort of processor should I be looking at getting in this day and age?


try www.donedeal.ie
you’ll get something decent on there for 300, esp in Dublin






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You’ve been through some amount of laptops… Did you get this one in the end?

Lads, i’ll be needing a new laptop soon as this old girl is dying. There’s a big crack on her side near the on button and i can see inside her, the crack is getting wider when i make sudden movements. It takes a fair while to get her going too, took about 15mins of coercing yesterday evening when i thought it was all over.

Someone please recommend a new laptop to me with all the mod cons at a low low price…

Question for the techies

This is definitely a laptop yeah?


Yes bro.


Right just checking, sounds like you’re talking about something completely different.


Need a new laptop. The old girl is done, i cant even turn her on now. Advice required please, from IT experts like the Runt preferably. Should i buy online or from a shop? I just need something that’s good for internet speed and downloading blue movies. Posting from work for foreseeable future so won’t be online much folks…


The quality of the laptop you have will generally (within reason) not effect either of those.


What’s your price range?
Would you rather a small screen or big screen?


A big screen will let me view things bigger. Price range not more than say €700. I was in a laptop shop yesterday and they had lots of laptops for sale around the €400 - €450 mark - Sony, Samung, Toshiba, Compaq etc. Are any of these particularly better than each other? Also, i took down some notes regarding memory, hard drive and processor.

Processors - Intel Core, Intel Premium and E2 vision. The latter seemed to be with the cheaper models.
Hard drive - 500 GB, 750GB, one laptop had 6GB Ram, presumably this is better?
Memory - 4GB, 6GB, 8GB

Are any of these items more important towards having a decent laptop for internet/downloading? I presume i would need better memory and hard drive as opposed to say a good processor which would be for games??



The hard drive is purely the amount of stuff you can store on the laptop.
I would rank processor and then RAM above the hard drive (on a general use laptop).

For €700 you should get a decent machine, i3 processor (or even i5 processor) 2.3Ghz or above, and 4 to 6GB of RAM and you should be very well equipped.