Looking for a laptop


I really like the look of this bad boy

(way over priced though).



Well find me something that’s underpriced please. Would i be best off ordering online?


[quote=“The Dunph, post: 618777”]

A big screen will let me view things bigger.[/quote]
True. True.


The sooner the Runt recommends a new laptop for me to buy the sooner i will be back posting regularly on TFK.com


All you want is the laptop equivalent of the Nokia 3310. I have a toshiba and it does the job fine. Buy an external hard drive for downloading stuff. €400 will get you a fine laptop for what you’ll be doing with it. Another €100 would get you a good external hard drive.


I think what dunph is looking for here is for someone to arrive on his doorstep and hand him a laptop. Kind of like a Chinese Delivery service for laptops you might say. He doesn’t want you to tell him what to get, he wants you to order it for him and deliver it to his door.


How he’ll manage to order it off the Dell France site is another thing.
He’ll end up with a mouse, a printer and a projector.




Dell deliver to France. Would i be as well off ordering online or buying from one of these shops. If someone could tell me what model/make to buy that would be great.


Pixmania are French aren’t they?




HQ is in Paris anyway.


I’m very disheartened with the lack of advice i’m receiving on this thread regarding my current plight…


If someone would only give me some advice regarding the above list of attributes, and which are more important towards my needs which are mainly browsing/viewing related. Would i be better off buying online or in the shops? A bit of assistance would be real swell guys.


Intel Core i3 (or i5 if it’s within your budget)
4GB (or 6GB if available within Budget)
250GB Hard drive (or as much as budget allows)

Go into a shop because you’ll get a feel for the keyboard layout etc, then price check it online, if there’s not much of a difference just go back to the shop. I’d like Dell myself, but once you like the feel and layout and the build quality looks ok then it shouldnt matter too much,


Cheers mate


Are you gonna go with x86 or x64 Dunph?


Quad Core 64 bit


Got my new laptop Saturday lads. It’s a Samsung with i3 second gen processor, 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive. I’ve installed the free AVG too but have very little to nothing else installed and the laptop is running slow enough. I get these pop up messages often enough from AVG saying something like i am using too much data on internet explorer? Any ideas how to solve this?


Get rid of AVG - simples.


Then i am leaving myself wide open to viruses.