Looking for a laptop


Your a brave man to be downloading all that Torrents stuff onto a new laptop.


Its a miracle he hasn’t gotten arrested for downloading kidde porn yet…


Remove AVG, install Microsoft Security Essentials and see if it makes a difference.
The laptop probably came loaded to the gills with loads of useless junk and trial versions of stuff.


The helpful salesman did mention something about trial periods of two months for certain items. The bloody thing seems awful juiced up. Ok Runt i’ll take your advice and remove AVG for that other one. Should i look in my computer and see what is taking up a lot of space?


Why so?


Just get rid of AVG. AVG, Avast, McAfee etc are just viruses that slow down your computer for no obvious advantage.


You’d have to be very trusting of those uploading illegal files is all


Can’t seem to find where to remove AVG, i can delete the shortcut but that’s it. :strokechin:


He is fine if he uses reputable private torrent sites.


I only download stuff with loads of other “seeders”, you wouldn’t understand.


As I said, virus. Download CCleaner maybe to get rid of it, that is what I use to delete programmes I don’t want.


Definitiely do that. There’s a slot to allow you do this on the side, if you press the button there it should slide out. Then get a torch and give a look inside.


I understand perfectly Dunph, those seeders could soon be seethers after a virus activates itself 3 months later or something.
Considering the effort involved in creating a virus tis fairly easy have your virus have a load of seeders if you were that way inclined.


Nothing but cables and ions in there.


Runt how would i remove AVG? If you give the right answer here you could impress someone looking in and land yourself another IT contract…


Next time its running slow hit ctrl, alt & del and go to processes to see whats using up all the CPU. If its something you are not running close it, maybe report back before you do though as you may close the windows explorer itself or something.

Theres a fairly simple thing you can do to stop unnessecary programs from opening when starting the laptop. Runt will advise.


Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.

AVG should be on the list there


I assumed he already did this…didn’t he? :strokechin:


Something just popped up there telling me i’d loads of errors but i just closed it again, never seen the applications before. Windows something or other.


It’s a safe enough bet he didn’t