Looking for a laptop



Any chance you’d read the fucking warning


Ok its popped up again, PC optimizer pro says i have 275 critical errors found?

On a new fucking laptop???

I never dowloaded this program.


You’re screwed. The Salesman has done a job on you.


PC at “critical” health apparently. Has anyone ever heard of this program pc optimizer pro? There’s an option to ‘fix errors’ but i am wary enough it might be a con.


How sure are we this is a new laptop and your man didn’t just see you coming?
Don’t click into that anyway Dunph, it may be a virus.
You definatively have some shit on your laptop that shouldn’t be there anyway.


Thats a virus mate.


How do i get rid of it?

For fuck sake anyway, two days in and i have viruses.


Please refer to our conversation in the Download thread.

From a quick google there is a fair chance this is a virus.



Good luck with it :lol:


Ah for fuck sake


So pc optimizer pro is a virus? This is after downloading VLC. :mad: :mad:


Nothing to do with VLC mate.


The Runt gave me a good program before which was free and used to carry out a full scan on your pc to check for errors, anyone know it or something similar?


Windows Defender. Or Microsoft Security Essentials.


This is a manual remover and it’s too hard to get rid of it. Is there no auto tool or system to remove it? Also, i could click on pc optimizer pro in my programs and then uninstall but it says then somthing like “publisher unknown, do you want to continue” which presumably is a bad idea too?

Could i not just ignore this thing and carry on as normal?


I told you get Malware Bytes


Tried to download wndows defender but it says it is already installed and included in windows vista. If i have all these anti virus items how did i get this virus? :mad:


Right, i’m running the quick scan now. Regarding the virus i picked up, how serious is it and should i click uninstall even though i don’t know the publisher?


Carried out the scan Runty and it caught 40 infected items, think they were called ‘fungles’ or something. They either came after downloading VLV or utorrent but nearly sure it was with VLVApp. Anyway i removed all items and it said restart which i have done and upon running the scan it now says 0 infected items. :clap:

Now just to get rid of PC optimizer pro, the fucking thing has installed itself on my laptop and i can see it in start menu under programs and it has even gave itself a shortcut on my desktop. Would it be unwise to select the uninstall button it comes with as it is from an ‘unknown’ publisher? I am at a loss as to how to remove it manually. Will search now for a potential automatic program.


I think i’ve got rid of it by going to control panel > uninstall programs > clicking on it and removing the fucker. I then deleted the short cut on my desktop and removed it from the list of programs. Hopefully that is it all gone now. I’m running a full scan this time and will probably know if it’s gone when i next restart my laptop as last time when i did this a few minutes ago it flashed up and told me about all the problems i had.