Lovely Ladies of the 2018 FIFA World Cup




There was a lovely little article reminiscing about the WAGs running amok in Baden-Baden in the most recent edition of the Sunday Times. Almost made you feel like you were there.


Sven was behind them being there I bet?




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This is the actual article the Sunday Times printed, which was cogged from Four-Four-Two magazine. :scream:


Hilarious. Blame the wives and partners of English footballers for English football being shit.


All the “look at me” birds in the stadiums :tired_face:

“I just happened to get totally dolled up in scantily clad clothing, and find it so tedious that the cameras zone in on me. Why can’t they just leave me alone to enjoy the football. I should have just worn a hoody and jeans, as that would have been more comfortable, and there’s a bit of a chill in the air now. Men!! For fucks sake!! I’m not an object!!”


we still get blamed for this you know, by the feminists.

If men didn’t objectify women, they wouldn’t feel the need to behave like this.



I wonder how many of the women included in this thread are feminists?


getting your tits out has nothing to do with being a feminist really. It’s more about social equality etc.

The stuff the feminists accuse men of to try further their political movement is misogyny and this thread would be a perfect example of that


It’s a social currency that is traded


What the fuck are you on about?


this should be good, the degradation of young women and treatment of them purely as sexual objects by lads watching football matches will surely rouse a few of the usual suspects here


Woman wears short cut top for attention - Woman gets attention and then labels men as perverts …

That’s what he’s saying I think.



I think what the usual suspects are saying here is that there is no difference between admiring pictures of attractive women and sexually harassing and/or raping women.

Men like that tend to have problems with boundaries.


With the decline in vocations there’s got to be a convent somewhere looking for a mother superior


Where is he getting that from?


Well. Women like that do exist… but to generalize and say all women like that is pure fabrication - but i’d hazard a guess and say that he’s hopping his balls for a rise.


There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty. Nothing at all.