Lovely Ladies of the 2018 FIFA World Cup


I think he’s actually just a fucking eejit myself.


ohhh that’ll sting


Do you not remember his contributions when he first joined? If I remember correctly it was around the time AFR fell apart and he came over here to spam in the wake of all the sneering here towards the farmyard. I suspect he’s our friend Peter G and a few other aliases.


I walked down to the River Corrib opposite Menlo Castle the other evening and stood and admired the beauty of the setting while I still could.

Because in a couple of years’ time it will be raped by a concrete dual carriageway bridge.




You’re an asexual Tyrone man.


Eunuch Powell?


He was having women troubles at the time.


If you know your pussy worth a Benz Truck


I hope some pictorial sanity returns to this thread soon


28 replies and not one photo.

I’m going to start banning cunts as soon as @rocko sorted out my admin rights


Makes you wonder what the Internet is for


Lucy Zelic, SBS (Aussie tv station) World Cup presenter. She’s an outstanding football commentator/ presenter and I love her so.




Pretty but a bit “ Dutch alpine “


I’ve no idea what that means mate.

Here’s another of Lucy for good measure, I particularly like this pic, she’s very elegant.



Absolute perfection. Ateing 2 cakes for the price of one


That smile would melt you.


Yeah I’d say she’s very graceful too. She’s got it all going on


Lacking a bit of cleavage . I always associate cleavage with WC ladies , a bit shallow granted , but it’s only every 4 years .

Lucy is a fine woman though .