Lovely Ladies of the 2018 FIFA World Cup


We all saw that Swedish Queen yes??



Is this writing on the chest craic a thing all fans are doing at the world cup or just a Peru thing?


Chest no 2 there is an outstanding effort


Peru winning the lovely ladies competition hands down.


Saudi Arabia


Looks somewhat like @Robert_Emmet’s party colleagues warming up before the recent “and fheis”


They leave a lot to the imagination









There’s a video of the Russian one(Third pic) doing the rounds on WhatsApp. I think it’s her anyway!


Shes a porn star, there’s lots of videos of her.


This video isn’t a porno :rofl:


Is she doing the dishes?


Fire it up bro



Everyone was a winner there.


Moral win for Russia?


You should tweet that to Emma Higgins.


She seems to be a grand obliging sort of a girl


The abuse I would get from her followers wouldn’t be be worth the hassle


Tell Emma that her opinions would have more merit if she looked like Natalya Nemchinova