Mahon Tribunal

Gilmartin gives evidence about payments to Taoiseach
08/06/2007 - 12:33:27

Property developer Tom Gilmartin has begun giving evidence at the Mahon Tribunal about the money he says rival builder Owen O’Callaghan gave to Bertie Ahern for planning favours.

Mr Gilmartin has already told the tribunal that Mr O’Callaghan bragged about paying #80,000 to Mr Ahern for favours in relation to the Quarryvale project.

Both Mr Ahern and Mr O’Callaghan deny that any such payments were made.

In evidence today, Mr Gilmartin said Mr O’Callaghan told him in 1989 that he had given Mr Ahern IRL50,000 at a football match that year to block a tax designation for a rival development at Blanchardstown.

Mr Gilmartin said it could have been at the All-Ireland football match between Cork and Meath or at an international soccer match.

He also said Mr O’Callaghan told him four years later that he had it from the horse’s mouth, in other words from Mr Ahern, that the development at Blanchardstown wouldn’t get a tax break.

He said Mr O’Callaghan told him that this had cost him IRL30,000.

Mr Gilmartin said he had trusted Mr Ahern 100% before he heard that he was on O’Callaghan’s payroll.