Major League Baseball 2018


Only team who can*

*this May or may not be true



My beloved NY Mets go 2-0

Momentous day as Angels Ohtani starts on the mound 2 days after playing DH


Well that didn’t last long! Thumped 5-0 by LA. Still a winning season


Dodgers tie the series with another thumping victory over the Giants, this time 9-0!



What did you expect? I don’t believe austin jackson has much power left, mccutchen should be fine but with madbum and samardzija injured ealry ye will struggle. Belt and Crawford are past it but untradeable, i dont see any chance of playoffs really




That’s brilliant footage but obviously a bit out of date, Terry Collins is no longer manager of the Mets. The first base umpire really hung the home plate lad out to dry


Something very wrong about a man who looks well into his 60’s, if not more, dressed in a baseball jersey


Yankees pitcher, Sonny Gray, give up a 4 run grand slam in the 1st.

Boos already raining down in the Bronx.


Two more in the 2nd. Those pinstripes can be heavy.


And he’s done. That was brutal.


I was at sonnys mlb home debut and first win so am saddened by this, his era isn’t brutal, sawks can hit. He’ll bounce back.


Fuck those cunts.


Red Sox looking to sweep the Yanks here tonight.

David Price got himself into a hole with bases loaded at the top of the 1st but got himself out again.


Good game so far, far more even than the last three.


0-0, top of the 5th. This one’s going to finish pretty late ET. Price and Tanaka taking their time with their pitches.


Finally Mookie Betts nails one.


After that shaky start, Price has been superb.

Sox 1 - 0 Yankees.