Major League Baseball 2018


Only team who can*

*this May or may not be true



My beloved NY Mets go 2-0

Momentous day as Angels Ohtani starts on the mound 2 days after playing DH


Well that didn’t last long! Thumped 5-0 by LA. Still a winning season


Dodgers tie the series with another thumping victory over the Giants, this time 9-0!



What did you expect? I don’t believe austin jackson has much power left, mccutchen should be fine but with madbum and samardzija injured ealry ye will struggle. Belt and Crawford are past it but untradeable, i dont see any chance of playoffs really




That’s brilliant footage but obviously a bit out of date, Terry Collins is no longer manager of the Mets. The first base umpire really hung the home plate lad out to dry


Something very wrong about a man who looks well into his 60’s, if not more, dressed in a baseball jersey