Malahide has it



Ceili Night at Slyvesters GAA Club.
How twee.


This will surely attract more people to Malahide, a great initiative.




I’m going to mention it to as many muldoons as I know. They’ll love the throughts of flocking to Malahide.


Pastures at Malahide by Nathaniel Hone the Younger. :clap:


Say someone has been to Gibneys, Hush and Fowlers on a Tuesday night. Where do they go next at midnight?


Home for a wank


Swords- Wrights Cafe Bar or Empire. €10 in a joe.


I’d love to settle down in Malahide. It’s a beautiful spot. North dubs have a great way about them.


Fingal truly is gods country.

Clontarf up to Malahide with the likes of Dollymount, Foxfield, Sutton, Howth and Malahide all seem like great places to settle. Portmarnock and Baldoyle are relatively soulless by comparison but grand places in isolation.


Travel the world before you even contemplate settling down, especially if you’ve the means, mate.

You wont be able to do it forever.



Join the Fowler’s racing crowd


Shameless likebait, utterly shameless


Don’t always look for the worst mate


You’d no about like bait you utter tool of a man.


I’m talking not talking about right now but it’s a smashing little village so close to Dublin.


I can confirm all of the foregoing is basically 100% accurate


Stink of desperation as usual, those likes weren’t even mine :rofl:
You carry on living your pretend life to please a few internet oddballs mate,


Raheny also strikes me as a decent place to live to. I’d take it over Portmarnock or Baldoyle.

Once you start moving away from the coast and get close to the Malahide road the standard drops dramatically.